Timely and efficient delivery of parts is fundamental to achieving a smooth production schedule and meeting our customer's expectations. We have strategic well established supply partners and with these partnerships we deliver reliable supply chain solutions. Our established policy is to concentrate spend rather than dilute purchase power. This policy has proved effective in ensuring security of supply and gaining cost advantage for our customers. Our procurement staff are experienced in sourcing components from anywhere in the world to attain the required balance between price and delivery performance.

FULLTRONICS CORPORATION LIMITED employs the latest vendor and material management techniques to optimize the effectiveness of the Supply Chain and reduce the total cost of ownership.

With the support of a comprehensive supplier network back in China, the availability of semiconductors is not restricted any more! To us, it means the power of breaking MOQ of 99% of semiconductors and shortening lead time! To our respected customer, it means minimum stock level, less man power wasted sourcing parts, fast turn around and a lot more. So try us today to enjoy our unique and trouble free PCB ASSEMBLY services. All that you need to do is sending us the BOM list, expecting fully assembled PCB in about 20 days.

Strategic cooperation