Research in the field of PCB reverse, FULLTRONICS CORPORATION LIMITED as a leader in international PCB, has been pursuing a win-win business philosophy, has never been exceeded. PCB Reverse FULLTRONICS CORPORATION LIMITED focused on technical research, popular technology, copied from the PCB board, PCB reform board, PCB LAYOUT, schematic design and anti-push, BOM production, Marking inquiries, IC decryption, PCB plate making, prototype welding , commissioning testing, to production through-train service. To create a unique "Made in China" provides a very lethal service model.

FULLTRONICS CORPORATION LIMITED with the latest EDA design software, professional copy board technical staff and advanced technology, can be cloned single, double, multilayer (up to 32 layers) PCB circuit board, capable of blind buried PCB circuit board hole and so difficult to copy the board work, whether it is component-intensive, all over the microstrip line, and other long-term computer motherboards, high-end graphics board, Gigabit network equipment substrate, or deal with demanding high frequency, electromagnetic compatibility strict control of the PHS board, mobile board, wireless LAN and other wireless communications devices, blind hole buried hole clouds of industrial motherboards, multi-BGA multi-processor motherboards, we have completed a full range of PCB copy board, BOM parts lists chip decryption procurement, prototype debug to production welding up the one-stop service.

FULLTRONICS team will be realistic, the concept of excellence to serve every customer, full details to evaluate each item for each circuit, each of the above code does not mean that IC IC model. Assess the accuracy of BOM, can buy sex, PCB, SCH, BIN file correctness, every element of our entire product line and determine the success or failure of the entire project.

FULLTRONICS CORPORATION LIMITED will provide you with more, the production of Gerber files are available, such as PROTEL99, POWER-PCB, PADS2000 etc.; and in accordance with the requirements of our customers and the secondary development of secondary design to meet all your needs.

Backstepping PCB schematic

Backstepping-based PCB file to schematic or circuit board to inverse diagram, is the conduction through the test point lines organize law. For our friends who often LAYOUT, may directly take to carry out LAYOUT SCH can be, and for our board but not the schematic of my friends, to produce this product and know that this works without a standard is impossible SCH . In the reverse of PCB industry, why is the cost of SCH PCB inverse double or more to say, is that people looked to launch an anti-SCH and a comfortable standard of SCH is to spend a lot of energy tomake and modify. Push for anti-SCH or PCB circuit board schematic backstepping, in order to do so beautiful and norms, is the basis and need to have some electronic experience in the schematic
As a SCH staff, will find each IC DATA SHEET by the way the definition of IC pins do SCH library, this is the first.

Also an anti-push SCH best start BGA, or by starting the main control circuit, the bus and after a clear framework of understanding, knowledge and power and ground and then carried out to determine the production and adjustment SCH. SCH production need to pay attention to symmetric beauty, hit the first bus or network lines clearly aware of its function, the function to define the network in accordance with the definition, so customers can learn more about the IC of this pin, the signal function of ......

First of all made a general plan after SCH, BOM confirmed OK, the BOM parameter input to the SCH, the way customers or engineers to see the time when the SCH group capacity to know the value of influenza or related models to facilitate analysis of the schematic.

Chip Deciphering

FULLTRONICS chip decipher workroom is directly under the supervision of Beijing FULLTRONICS computer application research institution. The workroom has a group of professional engineers of developing and reverse engineering with more than ten years experience in computer software and hardware. They possess good professional background and resources for working in several research institutions for many years such as: Motorola laboratory, Chinese academy of sciences, Hitachi research centre in China, Bell laboratories and Microsoft research etc.

With making good use of its technological superiority and economic strength, the institution has purchased and developed many advanced, professional equipments and instruments for testing and analyzing logic functions and the system of software password algorithm for analyzing and doing research on the function of chips and equipments.
For many years they have been occupied with functional design of encryption chips, research on software algorithm and software realization of algorithm, research on algorithm of encryption and decryption, the realization of hardware function, the developing of system software and the design of bottom drive of chips, such as: des encryption, symmetric encryption, md5 encryption, etc. therefore they have accumulated much experience in the field of the technology of chips deciphering of MCU, CPLD, SPLD, PLD.
At the same time, they have paid more attention to the development of information technology both at home and abroad, to the research on new product and the building of comprehensive scientific developing management system. They have great experience and many successful projects in many aspects of functional modules of IT software and hardware product, such as technical research , technical analyzing, realization, research on core technology and reverse engineering. FULLTRONICS workroom is the strongest and most influential workroom for reversed engineering of IC and software deciphering.
At present, our major business areas include: MCU decryption, specialized IC decryption, PLD decryption, CPLD decryption, SCM developing, software and hardware design of embedded system, design for chips, hardware system design, software system design and software decryption etc. ( the service of decryption our company provides is limited to legitimacy. Another party will be responsible for all disputes legally. We will not). We provide the electronic companies both at home and abroad with technical support of finding MCU data or learning the advanced design thought of the companies of MCU in foreign country. With professionally serving spirit, we stick to the guide of market demand; treat customer’s requirement as our own tasks; treat every customer as our cooperation partner. Depending on advanced technology, excellent work team and modern management, we will provide our customers with the latest market information and the best service as possible as we can. We set it as our goal that achieving the double-win situation with our customers.