FULLTRONICS CORPORATION LIMITED PCB FACTORY is a manufacturing enterprise that be engaged in high density multilayer、special type and prototype PCB. Factory area is 11000 sq meters. Throughput is 100,000 sq meters per year.

FULLTRONICS CORPORATION LIMITED was created by the several PCB professional. We advocate the technique innovation,we apply the new technique to promote enterprise progress and to satisfy all kinds of requirements of customers. We offer the related technique service and support for customers in PCB scopes.

Our products include: Multilayer PCB、Metal base PCB、Hi-Tg heavy copper foil PCB、Flat winding multilayer PCB、High frequency PCB、Mixed dielectric base high frequency multilayer PCB. Developing and manufacturing all kinds of exceptive type PCB and special materials PCB. Products are used in wide range of hi-tech industries such as: telecommunication、power supply、computer、industrial control、digital products、science and education instruments、medical instruments、automobile、aerospace defence、ect.

FULLTRONICS CORPORATION LIMITED concentrates on high quality、fast and satisfied service. Diligence、enterprising and trustworthy management、 marketing and service troop, will offer the best service for you.


Concentrate on high density special multilayer PCB Manufacture
Focuses on prototype medium volume
Swift response, Express delivery
Strong R&D capability offers reliable guarantee for versatile service
ISO9001:2000 and UL certification
ISO14000:2004 and clear production certification CPCA member HI-TECH enterprise in Shenzhen

Fastest lead time:

Double Sided:     24 hours
4 Layers:         48 hours
6 Layers:         60 hours
8 Layers:         72 hours
10 Layers above:  96 hours:

Quotation response within one hour
All-round marketing service with 24 hours
Professionally technical support with 24hours
All-day production
24 hours delivery        Professional service           One-step service from design to production

high-frequency microwave PCB

We engage mainly in making of high-frequency microwave PCB and fast double & multi-layered sample making services. We are experienced in the professional production of the high-frequency circuit boards of applications in power divider, coupler, combiner, amplifier, trunk amplifier, base station and 3G antenna, etc., with readily available stock of homemade or imported materials of 2.1 ~ 15 dielectric constant, and immediately, enabling timeliness of fast sampling services.

Satellite receiver
Global location system、amplifier.satellite telecom
Microwave transmission
Automobile telephone
Measure apparatus.LSI inspector.analyser.signal  oscillator
High frequency telecom.high speed transmission high security.
high transmission quality.high memory  transaction
Single.double Sided Teflon PCB NPTH、PTH
Conductor width control: ±0.02mm
Hole wall copper ≥ 20μм
Thermal stress 288°C.10sec.
Permitivity ε2.1-15.0
Profile:punching or routing.tolerance ±0.10.0-0.13mm
final product thickness 0.5,0.8,1.0,1.2,1.6mm
Base copper thickness Normal 0.5 1.0 OZ
Solder Mask Taiyo PSR4000.Tamura DSR2200
Solder mask thickness on tracks 20-30 μм